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Who is Precision Fire Targets, LLC

Precision Fire Targets, LLC is dedicated to quickly increasing a shooter’s accuracy by improving the relationship between their sight, trigger pull, and muzzle direction. The seven target system gives handgun shooters instant, clear feedback to enable shooters to make necessary adjustments to improve their skills quickly.

Who can use it?

Anyone who wants to improve their shooting precision.

How does it work?

This target system is based on the concept that most everything we see in our world is perceived linearly. We don’t see things in circles. However, most targets are designed based on a circular concept.  When someone points their weapon at a round, bulls-eye target, the feedback received does not help the shooter improve in an efficient or consistent manner. This is attributable to the limitations of a circular target’s points of reference. The Precision Fire Target system is based on the linear relationship between the gun’s sight and the edges of the target.  The edges of the target are planes that converge creating a more precise point of reference versus a circular or cylindrical target which has no converging planes The Precision Fire Target system provides instant feedback so that the shooter knows exactly where they are shooting. This enables shooters to make positive adjustments to continually improve accuracy.  All targets in this system are linear. This enables the shooter to place the front sight exactly in the same place each and every time. The purpose of each target is to provide the right feedback to help the shooter keep the gun, hand, and trigger-pull steady.

The shooter begins with “Vertical Precision” and progresses as each target is mastered.

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